September 2022

POCKET MYSTERY EP is a locked-room mystery game that's a fusion of David Lynch and Agatha Christie. For the GameBoy. Being developed in GameBoy Studio, the game is a top-down adventure game in the vein of The Legend of Zelda: Link's Awakening. It's focused on character interactions and puzzle-solving, rather than combat. It will be released for free online and as a ROM file, playable on actual GameBoy hardware. POCKET MYSTERY EP is targeting early 2023 for a release.

Cian is developing the game entirely on his own. He's creating the art, creating the sound effects and music, writing the script, designing the levels, and implementing the core mechanics. To fill gaps in his skillset, he's using royalty free art where necessary - namely, the game's levels. He's managing the tasks involved in completing the game in Coda.io, a project management tool.