Cian joined Boston Festival of Indie Games (more commonly known as BostonFIG) in June 2017 as their Social Media and Community Manager. He quickly got to work creating a social bible and calendar for content. It was important to make BostonFIG seem relatable to the audience of gamers and developers attending its events. Doing this meant highlighting past events, games showcased at events, the occasional shitpost, and talking the language of gamers when talking to gamers, and developers when talking to developers. He'd also livetweet events as they happened, driving people to games on the showfloor, quoting interesting panels, etc. Cian increased the engagement rate of the brand, keeping it front of mind to attendees year-round.

Cian also pitched and launched new programs, including a BostonFIG Discord and a BostonFIG Steam Curator page. Cian left the organization after four years in June 2021.


The BostonFIGCord - BostonFIG's official Discord server

![](/shared/Screen Shot 2022-09-02 at 11.09.15 PM.png)

In late 2019 Cian started pitching a BostonFIG Discord. It would be a way for the community of indie tabletop game designers, digital game developers, and players to connect outside BostonFIG's official events. They could also host virtual game nights, and more.

In 2020, COVID happened. BostonFIG started looking at how to pivot to virtual events, and the Discord launched at the beginning of this pivot. In the time before any formal plans for a virtual festival, or developer conference, were announced, the Discord kept the community engaged with each other and BostonFIG volunteers.

BostonFIG Social Graphics

For awhile after joining the organization, BostonFIG didn't have a graphic designer available to make their social graphics. In an effort to create more appealing and engaging content on BostonFIG's social channels, Cian took on the task of creating graphics for Twitter and Facebook posts as relevant. Below are some examples.