Harmonix Music Systems

Cian worked at Harmonix Music Systems as both a Community Manager and Web Developer on Rock Band 4 and the 2016 Amplitude (fun fact: he was also the first person to back Amplitude on Kickstarter).

Cian helped plan and execute on Harmonix's events presence and managed all community engagement for Rock Band on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram before pivoting to managing Harmonix's website for a brief time. He built and introduced the Rock Band 4 mobile setlist, letting attendees at events like PAX pick what song they'd play in line, reducing wait times and increasing player throughput. This project involved defining a scope that was achievable ahead of PAX East 2016, updating stakeholders daily on progress, and running some basic UAT to confirm the app worked as expected. Cian also edited, and appeared in, promotional videos for Rock Band 4 like the ones below.