Cian joined nWay in November 2020, and stayed until April 2021. He was a Community Manager on Power Rangers: Legacy Wars and Power Rangers: Battle for the Grid. He left to return to Magic Leap amid concerns over growth opportunities and the company's larger pivot to blockchain gaming.

Cian standardized nWay's social media management using Sprout Social, effectively streamlining their processes. He introduced quantitative reporting to the studio's community reporting infrastructure, enhancing the measurement and analysis capabilities. Additionally, he successfully coordinated the marketing efforts for multiple character launches across the Power Rangers titles.

Under Cian's guidance, a revamped Content Creator program was launched for Battle for the Grid, improving the studio's engagement with creators and fans. He also optimized the player support pipeline, enhancing communication from social media to email channels for efficient customer assistance. Cian managed the websites for both titles and provided valuable advice for the development of the WWE Undefeated Discord community.

Cian's community engagement strategies and initiatives gathered crucial feedback, informing the development team. His expertise in Legacy Wars, Battle for the Grid, and the upcoming Morphin Legends shaped future initiatives with confidence and foresight.