Power Rangers: Battle for the Grid

December 2022  — 
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Ryu, Crimson Hawk Ranger and Power Rangers: Battle for the Grid Super Edition Announcement Campaign

"The answer lies in the heart of battle".
- Ryu

When Kyle Hebert, voice of Anubis Cruger in Battle for the Grid, Adult Gohan in the English Dragonball Z dub, and Ryu in Street Fighter, muttered these words during the 2nd Anniversary Celebration video for Battle for the Grid, eagle-eyed (eared?) viewers immediately put the dots together.

Street Fighter's Ryu was coming to Power Rangers: Battle for the Grid. After working with Power Rangers talent to put together a 2nd anniversary celebration video, running a giveaway to drive community growth in the game's first quarter with no new updates or content, and launching a new creator program, Cian ended his tenure at nWay with the some of their most successful social and video content since the release of the game's second season of DLC a year earlier Both Ryu trailers blew videos before and after out of the water in terms of view count and engagement, and community sentiment was the highest it had been in months.

Working with nWay's lead combat designer to capture footage, their audio designer to craft a soundtrack and dub the trailer, their stakeholders at Lionsgate, Capcom, and Hasbro, as well as the company editing nWay's trailers, Cian story-boarded and executed upon the reveal trailers for Ryu, Crimson Hawk Ranger, his 90s outfit variant, and generated two months of social content leading up to the release of PRBFTG: Super Edition. The trailer involved updating stakeholders of progress, action-ing stakeholder feedback, resolving conflicts with the team due to disagreements over how specific things should be handled, and executing upon the release and publication of the final deliverables. While Cian offered up initial storyboards for the Chun-Li and overall launch trailers, he did not ultimately lead production on those.